23 January 2013

Thanks to Carson Brown, now Svbtle Theme supports sharing on Google+!

23 January 2013

Patlangac.com is a beautiful customization of the Svbtle Theme for Tumblr: great colors, great contents and nice “read more” feature. Check it out! 

23 January 2013

In dalbercandido.com the Svbtle theme for Tumblr becomes minimal, with serif fonts. Good job!

15 January 2013
Version 1.1: now with comments and shares

I’m happy to introduce the Version 1.1 of Tumblr Svbtle Theme!

What’s new in this version:

  • Facebook likes and Twitter shares, with improved OG meta properties;
  • support for retina display;
  • Socialico font embedded: add social icons to your posts or pages by simply use <h2>;
  • disqus comments;
  • comments count.

Download the theme for free on Github or read the full documentation.